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Happy Birthday Erin!!!


Eleven years ago this day, our beautiful daughter Erin was born!  As you know, we’ve been celebrating this big birthday for the last several days.  My parents came to visit from Indianapolis (they’re still here…hate the thought of them going back), and my parents-in-law came down and spent the day with us Saturday.  Today was […]

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Birthday Party Awesomeness…With CAKE!

Skate City

Hi everyone!  Erin’s birthday celebration is in full swing.  We were so exhausted last night after the party and the evening of family festivities and I zonked out straight away and didn’t get out here to Blogville and share the story and the photos (sorry!)  Erin had a wonderful party at SkateCity, followed by a […]

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A Wonderful Weekend…


Hi everyone!  So I’ve been giving this blogging thing some thought, and I’ve decided to give it another go.  No more talk about hyperplasia and being sick.  Only good stuff.  Family.  Friends.  Recipes.  Knitting.  Laughter.  Joy.  You know, life!  I can’t promise to be faithful and to write every day, but I can promise to […]

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“Accept Your Miracle”


Hi Internet.  It’s me again.  I’ve been deliberately holding off on writing this blog post since March 2oth (an incredibly l-o-n-g time ago, yes, I know).  As you know, I had D&C #3 in mid-March.  It was to be the end of my “hyperplasia uncertainty” journey, and its results would tell me if medication and […]

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D&C, Volume Three…

Hi everyone.  I am horribly late with this blog post and I apologize.  It’s been a crazybusy (read: good) last few days and I am just now slowing down to catch my breath. Thanks again to everyone for all the love and support leading up to last Thursday’s D&C.  It went incredibly, incredibly well.  No […]

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A Misstep On My Journey…?

Hi guys.  It’s the night before D&C #3 and all’s well here Chez Smith.  Erin is spending the night with a dear family friend.  My amazing husband made me dinner, and now we’re relaxing and enjoying a quiet and peaceful night in.  No worries about tomorrow’s procedure.  It’s all “old hat” now.  Past history (see […]

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Coming Full Circle Again

Hi guys.  Should I even bother to begin my blog post tonight with yet another apology for failing to honor my commitment to blog every day of my fortieth year?  (No?  I didn’t think so, either.)  It’s now or never, as they say.  Tonight is the last night of my fortieth year, and tomorrow brings […]

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Confessions Of A Binge Eater

Happy New Year, everyone!  Every year, I find myself in and around this time of the year in a state of astonishment that the previous twelve months have gone by as quickly as they did.  Perhaps that’s a sign of age?  (As if the gray hairs and laugh lines weren’t bad enough!)  As the first […]

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One Inch (And Twenty-Five Pounds) Tall

*deep breath* Hi everyone.  It’s me, Jennifer.  You remember me, right? I’m the girl who promised she’d blog every day of her fortieth year and kicked off her return to the blogosphere with an “online fat self-intervention.” (see this post and this post if you need a refresher) I’m also the one whose spring and […]

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How Else Do You Explain It?

Yet another blog post opens with an apology for the long delay since my last writing.  I suppose I should give up the notion of ever being a paid writer!  I have this silly pipe dream of someone somewhere…some big conglomeration of social media fabulousness…happening by chance upon this blog or my earlier blog and […]

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