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…I Will Lay Me Down.

Not too much to say tonight.  I’m thinking about several people in my life who are suffering right now and who need your prayers and love and good wishes.  A bitter pill to swallow when you care for someone is accepting that there is precious little you can do to help sometimes.  During those times, I guess just being there is the best gift you can give.

This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and when I heard this version of it for the first time, I cried.  It’s hard for me to listen to it and not cry still.  Two amazing voices performing one of the most beautiful songs ever written.  Since words aren’t really coming tonight, I’ll let the music speak for me.  This is for my friends who are battling cancer, their own scary and uncertain journeys.  And for a dear, dear friend whose parent is struggling with illness and whose family is heartbroken and frightened.

A Happy Heart

It’s 8:24 in the evening and I’m sitting on our soft, amazing couch in our living room, the sounds of ambient new age music flooding from iTunes radio and cutting through the quiet.  I’ve got a heart wide open and full of love and joy tonight, and I really wanted to get it all out and share it with all of you.

I know I didn’t blog last night, but I have a good reason!  After the events and drama-trauma of the week, I was just exhausted and in dire need of a night out.  On the first Friday of every month, my dear girlfriends here in my tiny little town all get together for dinner and drinks and to share and hug and cry and laugh and be together.  These women illuminate my heart from within, and I am so grateful that they are a part of my lives.  Some of them were unable to be there, either for their own illnesses or the illnesses of loved ones.  But those of us who went laughed and loved and had a wonderful time.  It turned out to be a late birthday party for me as well, with gifts of amazing books and perfume and a gorgeous little purse mine for the taking.  I came home exhausted and spent the rest of the evening in my husband’s arms, laughing and enjoying a relaxing last few moments before 12:00 midnight ended one day and began another.  I figured that you’d not begrudge me this wonderful evening away from the Blogosphere to get my love on with some of the most amazing people I know.  Thanks for the night off, Internet.  And thanks to everyone who made my night so wonderful.  I love you guys so much!

Spent the day today doing various errands, including stopping by the U.S. Post Office to express ship my scarf for the 2011 Special Olympics.  I got it finished literally at the last second, and I am thrilled with how it turned out.  I didn’t know about this program until just very recently, so I didn’t have much time to get a scarf ready and out the door.  I’m astonished that I made it on time!  Here are a few shots of the scarf, including one of my very favorite model showing it off:

Making that scarf felt so good, and I truly hope it brings warmth and joy to an amazing athlete, and that he or she has a wonderful experience in the games this year.  The Special Olympics’ motto is absolutely beautiful, and so unbelievably fitting given the events of late, both in my life and the lives of the two other people close to my heart who are suffering from cancer – “Let me win.  But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”  Powerful and beautiful.

One of my friends who is battling cancer is the husband of a dear, dear friend.  She’s like a second part of my heart.  Ever have one of those amazing friendships where when you see that person, or hug that person, or laugh endlessly with that person, you feel it inside you?  A visceral, physical feeling.  That’s how I feel about this one particular woman.  She and her family have been through so much.  Anyway, we stopped by tonight and brought them dinner.  Rachael Ray I am not, but it felt so good to do this.  If only buttery chicken and white rice and French bread could bring healing.  Please continue to keep this family, as well as the family of my other beautiful friend, in your hearts and prayers.

My husband and daughter are currently dancing and laughing and enjoying themselves with their friends at the citywide Girl Scout Father/Daughter Costume Ball.  I got to stay for just a moment…a mere few seconds to snap a few blurry photos and say hello and get amazing hugs from some of my daughter’s Brownie sisters.  The joy in that room was palpable, families and friends all laughing and enjoying one another.  It’s moments like these that light me up from within.  I came home to see photos of the other girls and their fathers on Facebook, and to text messages from my husband, who’s keeping me updated from the dance floor.  At last report, the girls are getting ready to sing some karaoke!  Makes my heart happy to know that they are having such a wonderful time tonight.

I feel a lot of love tonight.  And joy.  And I just wanted to share that with you, Internet.  So grateful for the people in my life who love me and who I feel so blessed to share this journey with.  Thank you for being a part of that.

Oh…and my surgery is scheduled for March 24th.  Still in “bring it” mode.  Still not a lick scared.  Still ready to move on and heal.

Baby's Been A Bad, Bad Girl

OK, so we’re only five days in to calendar year 2008 and I’ve already broken one of my resolutions. I didn’t submit a blog post yesterday (naughty, naughty Jennifer!) Not much is going on right now that I find blog-worthy, and lest I bore you with useless yadda-yadda, I felt last night would be a good night to just relax with the family unit and allow myself to relax somewhat on this resolution. I hereby amend my must-blog-daily resolution to state that I shall “blog always and ever when there are items of importance, significance, or hilarity to share.” Given the nature of my life these last several years, I’ll likely have plenty of fodder for e-bloviating these next several months.

Just as an aside, I have two new addictions to share with you. I caught an episode of Fresh Air on NPR the other day, and they showcased an early-2007 interview with Nellie McKay (that’s Mc-EYE and not Mc-KAY). I was instantly addicted. I also recently found Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog! and couldn’t stop laughing. Those of you who know me know that I’m a Boston Terrier owner owned by a Boston Terrier, so I just had to post these I Has A Hotdog photos with a Bostonian twist. Enjoy!

smilez, loldogs n cute puppy pictures - I Has a Hotdog!

i hate everything, loldogs n cute puppy pictures - I Has a Hotdog!

lazr cat, loldogs n cute puppy pictures - I Has a Hotdog!

And my favorite of the bunch:

hed too hevy � loldog, lol dog, and funny dog pictures

And with that, I’m off. Have a good rest-of-the-weekend, folks!