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Je Suis Charlie

I was horrified today to learn the news of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, a French newspaper known for its satire and comedy. As a writer, I stand in solidarity with those who risk their lives in order to express their thoughts and feelings via the written word. I am heartbroken for the families, friends, and colleagues of the lost, and I hope that the suffering of those who perished was brief. I send my love and prayers to those who are grieving right now, and to a world in such desperate need of peace.

I am a writer. I write for a living. I write for pleasure. I write whenever life and circumstance bring me joy, bring me heartbreak. I wrote a book about someone very special. I feel so tremendously blessed to have been given the gift of the written word, and to have been born in a country where I am able to express myself freely in my writing and in a time where women and their thoughts, their musings, and their contributions are met with acceptance and appreciation. In nearly 43 years of life, the possibility that I might be murdered for expressing my views was never within my realm of possibility. That someone would be taken from us merely for expressing his or her views breaks my heart in every single way.

I will not use this space or my voice to argue politics or to bloviate about the Muslim faith or those who choose to practice it in a radical, violent fashion. I simply want to say that I am one person, one among many, who stand with those who are hurting today. I stand as well with those who do not have the blessings of the freedom of expression. Please do not let your circumstance silence you. Your courage is our learning. Your bravery, our growth.

Envoi de mon amour aux personnes touchées par le tir à Charlie Hebdo à Paris. Prières pour la paix.


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