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Thank You, Tiffany

Hi Everyone,

I am overwhelmed by the incredible show of support and love that so, so many of you have shown me over the past few days following the events of last Friday evening.  This has become a wonderful habit, you coming out in droves with the “Team Jennifer” banners and the loud cheers!  It is a beautiful blessing to be the continual beneficiary of your friendship and support, and I so appreciate it that whenever my inclination is to look downward, there you are to encourage me to hold my head up highly.  Thank you.

I wanted to let you know that my voice was heard.  After posting a link to my blog post on the Tiffany and Co. Facebook page, I received a message from the company asking for the opportunity to speak with me about my experience.  This afternoon, the Store Director called me.  Her kindness and commitment to resolving my concerns and hearing my voice more than made up for the inconsiderate manner in which her employee treated me.  She immediately thanked me for the opportunity to discuss this situation, and apologized for the manner in which I was treated.  She explained her commitment to customer service, and expressed that her expectation is that everyone who enters her store is welcomed and acknowledged and treated with respect.  She emphatically stated that outward appearances should never be used to make a judgment about another human being’s worth, financial status, or intention, and said that regardless of whether or not someone in the store is “there to buy or to browse,” that person is to be greeted and given an offer of assistance.  I was thrilled when she asked for my blessing to utilize my experience as an opportunity to provide training to her staff on customer relations and sensitivity, and heartened when she said that she never again wanted anyone to feel in her store the way that I felt last Friday night.  She ended the phone call by thanking me again for speaking with her, and by asking me to personally request her assistance the next time I came into the store.

I couldn’t help but feel good inside after I hung up the phone.  In my heart, I know that there could have been no better outcome. All I wanted was for that salesman to recognize the impact of his actions on others so that no one else would ever be made to feel insignificant or small by his hand.  I am thrilled that Tiffany is allowing me to be the spark that illuminates change, and I am very grateful, both for their recognition and their desire to rectify a hurtful wrong.  I am so looking forward to returning to Tiffany and buying my next piece of sparkle and shine, and I will wear it proudly knowing that not only is it a reflection of my own beauty, but that it is a product sold by a company with an unblemished dedication to customer service and quality.

Thank you, Tiffany.



  1. Virginia Roccaforte Pretz says:

    I am delighted that you got such a fast response and something positive for not only you but other customers as well! Most people do not act on this kind of thing and so it continues. You stepped up and now something is being done about it. That takes courage. So happy for you that this did not become an ongoing nightmare of rejections and excuses. Tiffany did the right thing..and hopefully this will reflect on their future treatment of All Customers regardless of race, creed, size, financial status or even what clothes they wear! Jennifer Smith..Taking them down..One person at a time!!!! 😛 Love you <3 Mom V

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