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X + Your Heart = My Heart

Hi everyone.  As I mentioned last night, I’m devoting one blog post each day of this week to sharing with you some of the inspirational and motivational ideas I’ve taken away from “@Wrimo: A 30-Day Survival Guide for Writers.”  Although it’s designed to help participants in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to write a 50,000-word novel during the month of November, this book is an amazing tool for any and all writers…new, new-ish, or seasoned.  There’s a little bitta something for everyone here.  If writing is a part of your heart, I can’t encourage you enough to invest $4 in your passion and to download this amazing e-book.

So, for tonight’s amazing piece of motivational inspiration…

“The shortest distance between human hearts is a story.”

What a beautiful, beautiful sentiment.  I’m beginning to understand this whole “heart of a writer” notion.  My story has been alive inside me since early last summer.  Different variations of the story at different times have been in my spirit, but nonetheless, they took root inside me.  I’ve wanted to share my story with as many people as possible.  To get it out.  To give it life.  When something illuminates you from within, it’s impossible NOT to want to share it with others.  I would imagine that writers, really good writers, give of their hearts and their spirits when they create and share characters and stories with us.  Their inspiration and hard work become a part of those who consume the fruits of their labor.  Think about it.  Don’t you have a book or a song or a movie…a story…that changed you?  Made a significant impact on your life?  Gave color to a situation you were experiencing or aligned with your life in a way that made you feel close to the writer?  That’s the distance between two human hearts.

NaNoWriMo asks that its participants write fictional novels.  I am cheating somewhat (shhhhh!) and writing a historical fiction work.  My story involves someone who was once alive.  Someone who took her own life many, many years ago.  I didn’t ever meet her, but when I first learned about her, I felt a…connection to her.  I can’t explain it.  It’s almost odd.  I feel a strong desire to give light to her life and to remind the world that she was once here.  Her story is a part of my heart now, and by sharing it with you, not only do I keep her alive, but I connect your heart to mine.  My story + your heart = my heart.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more inspirational awesomeness…

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