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D&C, Volume Three…

Hi everyone.  I am horribly late with this blog post and I apologize.  It’s been a crazybusy (read: good) last few days and I am just now slowing down to catch my breath.

Thanks again to everyone for all the love and support leading up to last Thursday’s D&C.  It went incredibly, incredibly well.  No cramping whatsoever.  Very minor nausea that resolved itself with ice chips and crackers.  I was a little wobbly and sleepy when I left the hospital, but after a bagel and a nap, I felt much better and spent the evening shopping and cheering my daughter on at soccer practice.  As the weekend wore on, I continued to movemovemove and feel greatgreatgreat as I did so.  Friday brought with it my first-ever  mammogram, a massage, treating myself to lunch, and a bit of shopping indulgence.  We spent Saturday  doing volunteer work with my daughter (who is working on earning an award from President Obama for community service), and we spent the evening with my in-laws Saturday night.  Today was full of shopping and meal-planning and laundry and cooking (you know, the whole being a mom thing.)  Other than some minor bleeding today (which the doctor on call assured me is normal), everything is going well.  I feel tremendously blessed to be where I am and to be surrounded by a beautiful family and wonderful friends and a doctor and a gynecologic oncologist who are right behind me.  I thanked my doctor Thursday before my surgery for “being my cheerleader,” and she lit up like a Christmas tree.  That’s how I feel.  Unalone and very loved on an intensely personal and intimate journey and surrounded by amazing people rooting for me at every turn.  With that kind of strength and love behind me, I can’t fail.

This has been an interesting road for so many reasons.  Remember at the very beginning of this journey when I was terrified to have my first D&C and was so afraid of what was happening inside me?  SO, so many amazing women in my life came forward with stories of their own D&C procedures, all of which went well.  Many of my girlfriends had undergone multiple D&Cs, and each of them assured me that I would be fine.  I took incredible comfort in their support, and found peace in their assurances.  Three D&Cs later, I’m a textbook case for the procedure.  This tiny little part of me hopes for the opportunity to “pay it forward,” so to speak…to be the one who gives the assurances and who makes the road a little less dark and scary for someone else.  As was the case with the D&Cs, so too now are my girlfriends and female colleagues coming out of the woodwork with incredible stories of their own female health challenges and their hysterectomy journeys.  Since hysterectomy is a real possibility for me, these stories are incredibly strength-giving and make me feel, again, unalone on my road.  Safe, even.  These amazing women, each for their own reasons, underwent this procedure that so terrifies me and they came out just fine.  Better than fine, truthfully.  Fantastic!  These women are thrilled that they had hysterectomies, and their lives are so much richer and happier for it.  Their stories resonate inside me and give me incredible hope.  I realize I am putting the cart before the horse (who knows what the results of the D&C will say?), but it feels incredibly good to know that if this is indeed the next step on my journey, documented proof is out there that I will be just fine.  Better than fine, truthfully.  Fantastic!

In closing, I have to again thank the amazing nurses at Menorah Medical Center for caring for me, for making me laugh, and for making much less scary and bumpy these little jaunts along my journey.  From Amy who got me ready to Mary and Callie who helped find a cooperative vein (hey, your veins would be dehydrated too if you hadn’t had anything to drink since midnight!) and Angie who stayed with me in recovery to Rick (yes, the same Rick from before), my faaaavorite phase II recovery nurse who held my hand and laughedlaughedlaughed with me and wished me well yet again as I left to go home…I am overwhelmingly grateful for the amazing PACU nursing staff at Menorah.  So glad they are a part of our local community.

That’s it in a (bloviating, not really nutshell-ish) nutshell.  I’m doing well.  Trying not to focus on or worry about the results.  Anxious to get back to work next week (hey, you miss two days and you miss a lot at my office!)  I miss snarking and laughing with my boss and colleagues.  I have an audit coming up that I am (so incredibly!) behind on.  This week brings with it two soccer practices, Girl Scouts, our first soccer game, and the annual Daddy-Daugher Dance.  Lots to live for and laugh for and look forward to.  Thanks for loving me through this.  Please don’t stop.  Those results are still coming.  Please pray that they’ll be good.


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