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Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler (Subtitle: 40 Days Is A Long Time!)

So, Lent’s upon us yet again.  Lots of talk around me today about who’s-giving-what-up for Lent and how we’ll all survive the certain misery awaiting us over these next 40 days.  The whole sacrificial thing’s interesting to me tonight.  Honestly, it’s not something I ever gave any educated consideration to.  I understood the solemnity of it all – the thoughtful decision to show your love for God by sacrificing something that you dearly love, when He himself made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us – but I never really delved very deeply in to the sentiment of it all.  Folks abstained from their addictions and vices or didn’t, and those that did generally wore their sacrifices on their sleeves, often using them as justifications for bad behavior or general grumpy-ness.  I myself have fallen victim to this before.  I am a Coca-Cola addict, and it’s something I feel I cannot live without.  One Lent, I survived a mere few days “off the bottle,” so to speak, before looking at a very young collegian at a sorority alumnae event and hissing, and I quote, “Ten…state…shooting…SPREE!  I need a COKE!”  Not a high point in my life, I’ll admit.  My addiction to soda has reached a point where it’s unhealthy in nature.  And by “unhealthy in nature,” I mean that if I don’t have one before 10:00 a.m., I (a) have violent headaches, kick in to bitchazoid mode, and am a general menace to any citizen of this planet who dares cross my path, and (b) drink entirely too many on a daily basis.  In fact, I’ve been known to consume so many Cokes in a one-day period that I’m ashamed to admit the number to all of you.  (And, as you faithful blog readers know, I’m alllllllll about sharing the personal aspects of my life.  Suddenly my failure to divulge this number speaks volumes, eh?)  Consuming soda like I do isn’t good.  It’s a detriment to my well-being, both physical and mental, and giving it up is something I should have done long ago…

…which leads me to my point.  Why is it that so many of us choose to give up addictive behaviors for Lent?  I mean, we should be giving up these addictive behaviors because doing so is in our own best interest.  We shouldn’t wait until Lent to do so, nor should we resume our unhealthy choices once Easter passes us by.  Yet, every single person I spoke with today about making sacrifices for Lent is choosing to give up vice-like behaviors that cause them harm – excessive chocolate consumption, smoking, and yes, even soda (I’m not alone!)…and each one made reference to how they will “survive” this period of sacrifice, presumably to reward themselves for successful sacrifice by resuming their bad behaviors once all is said and done.  I’m having a hard time illustrating my point here (sorry).  I guess I just find it all so fascinating tonight.  Wow, how many of us have addictive and unhealthy behaviors?  And how many of us will “survive” the next 40 days without (a) falling off the wagon and/or (b) killing someone/ourselves?  And, more importantly, how is it that so many of us have allowed ourselves to fall victim to the strongholds of soda, tobacco, and the like?

(I guess if I knew the answer to that question, I’d be a zillionaire.)

Anyways, happy Lent, folks.  To all those making an effort to sacrifice during this time, I wish you every success.  Think I’ll give it a shot again this year.  Can I survive without Coke until after Easter?  Time will tell, I guess…


  1. Jenn… I know that you can do it! It was very hard for me and believe me … It is very hard to do it when you are out, but when you are home – don’t stock your home full of things you have to resist and you will find something else.

    In days past, I would have driven to the store just to replenish my supply (or more likely, and more sedentary, send the man of the house to fetch it cause he’s a prince like that)…

    In contrast, today, though in a lot of pain, I spent a good 30 minutes trying to find the ice tea pot so that I could brew fresh decaffeinated ice tea and add NOTHING to it, but I was craving this flavor… I cannot do plain jane water…

    Its not easy. But the best thing you can do is change what your body is craving by stop giving it sugar that you don’t need. Stock up on some aleve and wear a tshirt that says Im addicted to coke if needed for the first two days – but two or three days in and you will be over it.

    The best part? You can show your beautiful daughter how to overcome challenges in your life and get her started off on an extremely healthy lifestyle, something she will never stop thanking you for when she is older.

    Tonight, I spent sometime looking through old pictures and found one where I only had one backside, not two or two with a shelf… and was happy with the lack of definition of my neck and/or chin… I changed that to all of my profile pictures… for motivation. For inspiration. Find what motivates and inspires you and have that readily available to remind you when you consider falling back into old habits…

    Worst case scenario… just text me any time you are thinking about it…

  2. If you NEED the caffeine, drink plain black coffee. It will prevent headaches and get you going. No calories either! I used to do lent but like you never lasted too many days. So I finally quit trying to do it just because everyone else was…If hot coffee doesnt work try good ole water..lots and lots of it with tons of ice and even use a straw! After a few days the headaches will be gone and after about a week..Check the WILL have lost weight! Soda makes your body crave carbohydrates so you will see THAT habit being less and less as the days and weeks go by..It will give you great pride to actually see how just one little diet change can make a difference!! I wish you luck and hope the craving goes away FAST! <3 U Mom V

  3. Day 1 of no chocolate going well…Can’t wait to have a Reese’s Peanut Butter egg come Easter…Is it April 24th yet?


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